"At Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk we want to inspire, guide, empower and enable you and your organization to contribute to a truly sustainable food system."

The challenge of making the global production and consumption of food more sustainable is becoming increasingly urgent. The growing world population and the even faster growing demand for environmentally intensive products is leading to the destruction of local and global natural capital. Natural areas are being reclaimed, agricultural land and water resources are being degraded, and the climate is changing. At the same time, a large proportion of the global population eat unhealthy diets. Some have too little food and are malnourished, while a growing number eat too much. This situation is unhealthy and quite simply unsustainable. Making the global food production and consumption system healthier and more sustainable presents a major challenge to governments, businesses and consumers alike.

Making the change to a sustainable and healthy society

Businesses, governments and civil society organisations are looking for ways to tackle this challenge and define the contours of a healthy and sustainable society. We see a growing need for a clear, comprehensive assessment of the sustainability of agricultural products and foods. Our organization was established to support all organisations with a professional interest in this problem.


Independent & actionable insights

We provide independent and actionable insights via advice, facts & figures, tailored software tools, based on the best available science, data and standards, through a transparent, reliable and hands-on approach.

Curious how we can help you to shape sustainability?