1 May 2017

Update of the LCA Food Database

Agri-footprint 3.0 available in OpenLCA and SimaPro soon

Over the last years we see a growing interest in consistent agricultural data, as agriculture is the most important source of impacts for a large number of environmental issues. In 2009, Blonk Consultants developed Agri-footprint®, the LCA food database. The aim of the database is to facilitate transparency and a more rapid transformation to sustainable food supply chains. Improvements and addition of data is a continuous process.

Recently, Agri-footprint has been updated extensively and Agri-footprint 3.0 will be released by the end of May. We are happy to announce Agri-footprint 3.0 will be available in OpenLCA, next to SimaPro. Herewith, Agri-footprint is the LCA food database worldwide, widely accepted by the international food industry, LCA community, scientific community and governments.

What is new?

Agri-footprint® 3.0 contains more than 5,000 products and processes. New products are processes are production of pesticides, production of capital goods and company specific data.
Datasets for the production of pesticides:
Three different types of datasets (Life Cycle Inventories) were generated; LCI’s for the production of specific pesticides, for specific pesticide families and for pesticide families.
Production of capital goods
LCIs for the production of tractors, basic farm infrastructure and storage silos are now included in Agri-footprint, and linked to the crop inventories. Also the scopes of crops and processing have been extended
Expansion of scope for crops
The global coverage of the production of crops has been expanded (i.e. more crop country combinations)
Expansion of processing scope
Amongst others groundnut processing, ethanol production, fish meal and oil production are now included.

Inclusion of more company specific data
Data for the production of humic acid from Vitens are now included in the database.
Small additions and bug fixes
Correction of small errors. Addition of transport of goods to the farm.
Updates of background data
Most recent FAO statistics for crop yields, and manure application, most recent land use change tool, IFA statistics on fertilizer consumptions in countries.

How to acces Agri-footprint?

Agri-footprint 3.0 is available in OpenLCA en SimaPro.
  • OpenLCA: Agri-footprint datasets are available via OpenLCA Nexus
  • SimaPro: Agri-footprint is available in SimaPro (from version 8.03) without extra fee. Find more information on the SimaPro website.

What is next?

Later this year we will release Agri-footprint 4.0. This version will contain more products & processes. We've planned to include USDA data, update of the energy model and various crops with and without irrigation.

More information

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