18 Dec 2019

Meet our new colleague Lisanne

In November Lisanne de Weert has joined Blonk Consultants. It goes without saying we are very pleased to have her in our team.
We are delighted to present Lisanne to you in their own words:

Lisanne de Weert


'From an early age I have always dreamed of making the world a better place. Over the years it became clear to me what sort of contribution I could make to a more sustainable economy: understanding systems and their environmental impact, and coming up with creative technical solutions. This ambition is what drove me to get my Master’s in Industrial Design Engineering as well as my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. While studying I seized every opportunity to get people talking about sustainability by organising lectures, brainstorm sessions and workshops.

In my final year I conducted research at Wageningen Food and Bio-based Research into sustainable packaging and recyclable, bio-based alternatives to packaging laminates. I am absolutely fascinated by the complexity surrounding food supply chains and packaging! Although I only started to specialise in this field during my Masters courses, my interest in the agri-food sector goes back to my childhood: both my parents and my sister work in this industry.

I’ve started work as a consultant at Blonk Consultants with enthusiasm and dedication. But besides this interesting and varied work, I still find time for my other interests: trail running, rowing, mountain biking and bouldering. I like to be active outdoors, but also love to sing and travel'.