13 Jun 2023

Contributing to a better world together

Interview Hans Blonk

Mérieux NutriSciences has recently acquired Dutch company Blonk. The timing couldn’t have been better. “Blonk also wanted to gain a foothold in North America,” says Hans Blonk. “Thanks to the acquisition, we are accelerating and rolling out this ambition.”

Written by Jeanette van Haasen

“I am fifty-eight years old,” Blonk’s founder and owner continues enthusiastically. “I was not considering selling my business, but I did not wish to continue pulling the cart until I was 60. I took six months to think about Mérieux NutriSciences’ offer carefully and am glad I said yes.”

Interest and appreciation

The type of activity Blonk pursues is wildly popular in the sector: ensuring sustainability within the food industry. Blonk does so with its Environmental Footprinting and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), among other services. Potential buyers who liked Blonk abound, but the choice for Mérieux NutriSciences and cooperation with KTBA – part of Mérieux NutriSciences – in The Netherlands was quickly made. “Mérieux NutriSciences was not looking for a quick deal, nor is it a publicly traded company. They were very interested in and appreciative of my company and had immersed themselves in it.”

Purpose of the acquisition

Moreover, Mérieux NutriSciences’ purpose of the acquisition was evident: Blonk entirely fits into its ‘Better Food, Better Health and Better World’ mission. Hans’ business card now reads Global Business Development Director. “I still have to get used to this new title, but I'm sure it won't take very long,” he says with a smile. “Nothing else changes for my people and clients. This, too, offers peace of mind and confidence.”

New business opportunities

Blonk and Mérieux NutriSciences have embarked on an exciting search for the right formula. They serve the same clients but operate in different niches. “Were are masters in quantifying environmental impacts,” explains Hans, who founded Blonk in 1999 and may be called a pioneer within the field. “Combined with the expert laboratory measurements of Mérieux NutriSciences and KTBA, a consulting company focusing on food safety – I see great and perhaps new business opportunities in the future. My mission in this collaboration? I am a biologist by training and like to contribute to a better world. I am incredibly excited about being allowed to do this with a partner like Mérieux NutriSciences.”

More information

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