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At Blonk, our ultimate goal is to help create a truly sustainable food system today and for future generations. To speed up this transition as much as possible, we are keen to share our expert knowledge with others.

  • Would you like to learn more about life cycle assessment or environmental footprinting?
  • Are you curious about footprinting for a specific food product category?
  • Are you interested in learning more about Land Use Change accounting?
  • ...Or is there any other topic you would like to understand better?

We offer classic or custom-made training and courses. You can participate online or at your organization. We present an overview below.

Our classic training opportunities

In-depth trainings on expert topics

Training Land Use Change Accounting

Available on demand

The Land Use Change (LUC) training is a 4-hour, interactive session about Land Use Change accounting. The training offers context, background information, and critical perspectives on the multiple methodological choices and challenges related to LUC accounting. After a general introduction, we dive into the methodology used in our LUC Impact tool and necessary methodological considerations, including a short demonstration of the LUC Impact tool. Next, we will explore some critical notes on so-called LUC-free certificates and proposed solutions to LUC. Finally, we explain and compare alternative methods to LUC accounting, such as accounting of carbon opportunity costs.

There is a lot of room (about 1,5 hours) to ask questions and have open discussions during this training session. We can initiate the themes of these discussions, or you can request a discussion topic relating to what is relevant to your current projects.

Online or on location

Follow the training online or on location when based in The Netherlands

Interactive session

Plenty of time for all your questions and enabling highly relevant discussions

Available upon request

Available upon your request, scheduled based on availability

Training Environmental Footprinting of Food Value Chains

Available on request


The Environmental Footprinting training is an excellent opportunity to learn everything about calculating the impact of food products along the entire value chain. It may be your first time learning about life cycle assessment (LCA), or you want to refresh your knowledge or deepen your understanding of a specific food-related topic.

First, our experts introduce you to Environmental Footprinting and LCA, their role in sustainability efforts, and current developments. We then dive further into the step-by-step methodology of LCA, and we discuss different frameworks and guidelines. We also explore methodological developments, such as carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

Finally, you can choose between various Specialist Sessions: Arable Crops and Horticulture, Animal Production Systems, and Retail & Novel Foods. You will dive deeper into the more advanced methodological topics and latest developments. Case studies, practical examples, and an assignment will further illustrate and substantiate the topics covered in this training.

The training consists of 3 or more sessions, depending on your preferences. Reach out to us to plan your customized training.

Introductory & In-depth

Start from scratch and go in-depth quickly, including topic-specific specialist sessions tailored to your interests

Interactive sessions

Plenty of time for discussions, questions, examples, and assignments

Available on demand

Subject to availability

Custom-made trainings opportunities

Tailored to your needs

Suppose you want to gain more knowledge and insight about a topic related to our areas of expertise. In that case, we can develop a custom-made training course for you, introductory or in-depth, long or short, and for any group size.

Custom-made trainings

Available on demand

Over the years, we have acquired considerable experience in sustainability, sustainable nutrition, and life cycle assessment (LCA) in the agri-food sector. The courses developed by Blonk Consultants are a mixture of theory and hands-on exercises and case studies.

Our courses aim to share knowledge and expertise and create an inspiring platform to enhance your understanding of LCA, sustainable nutrition, and sustainability in the agri-food sector. Any training offers plenty of room to ask questions and have discussions. You can request a discussion topic relating to what is relevant to your current projects or let us initiate the themes for these discussions.

Reviews from participants

The course really goes into great detail. There is enough time to discuss questions.

A nice introduction in a very complex domain.

Good link between theory and assignments. Would recommend the course!

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